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Beach Gear Credit

Life in Paradise Vacation Rentals offers a hassle-free vacation experience by providing beach gear rental services in partnership with VayK Gear. 

How Does It Work?

Reserve your stay in one of our properties for 3 – 21 days (not available for 22 or more days.)


Beach Gear Confirmation

After confirming your reservation with Life in Paradise, you'll get an email from VayKGear containing your reservation details. Click the provided link to access your pre-populated reservation information and easily order beach gear for your vacation.


Choose your Gear

VayKGear offers a wide range of beach gear including bikes, beach chairs, carts, umbrellas, and skim/body boards. If you have a larger group, you can order additional items beyond your credit and pay the difference. Ordering must be done online at least 48 hours before your arrival for a seamless experience.


Gear Delivery
On the arrival day, your beach gear will be delivered directly to your vacation rental. You'll receive a text notification once your gear has been delivered, ensuring a smooth and convenient process.


Enjoy Your Gear

During your vacation, if you encounter any issues with your gear, simply contact VayKGear Support for assistance. They are dedicated to ensuring your stay is hassle-free and will provide excellent support. You can reach them via text at (850) 692-5110, email at, or phone at (888) 577-7412.

Beach Gear Pick

Before departure, ensure your beach gear is left clean and in its original location. Vayk Gear will handle the pickup process, which is free of charge for the pickup day. Crews begin at 6 AM on departure day, so it's recommended to leave the gear in place the night before departure to avoid any disruptions while packing.

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