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Aransas Harbors 

230 S Cut Off Rd.     Port Aransas, TX 78373

Meeting minutes 

May 22nd, 2021


The operating account is linked. Everyone can start paying online beginning with the July payments.


Cash Management, Sarah needs to know if we want to put a dollar amount. Curtis will take care of it placing Mark as the only signer for now.




Steve provided updates on the building leaks to include a list of all the updates. In terms of repairs that need to be done to units the first step is to call Steve and LIP and they will get it to the correct area whether it’s Galt or the HOA. Owners will send an email to Steve detailing as much information as possible at He will come out personally and review the problem and decide from there where it goes.


There will be tablets being added to the a/c units in all lower units that will help them drain better but we are working on getting it corrected completely by Galt.


Per Steve DeWitt: We are still finding issues with A/C and some plumbing. Galt is addressing these and repairing them as needed. There has been a delay due to crew members having COVID-19.


Board Resolution

*Curtis made a motion to Appointment of Tom Landry to chair a committee to handle the remaining legal issues as a result of Harvey. Jo seconded. All were in favor. Motion carries




Looking to have them drive through the complex with lights flashing, check the pool and common areas hourly on Fri & Sat nights.


Board Resolution

* Laura made a motion to approve security on the property Fri and Sat at. It was seconded by Bill. Motion carries




We are acceptable to the change but they need to bring us a Permit that can be taken to the city so they can advise us if the change needs a permit with a licensed contractor.


This idea was tabled due to the contractor not being able to secure employees.



The leak is down below the piping level. They are going to do a leak test and try to find it but regardless, the heating unit no longer works. We’re waiting for some parts to come in but the pumps are going to be replaced and those could stay with a new unit. It has exceeded its life expectancy. We are looking to most likely get it replaced once the season is overcoming from reserves.


All pool equipment has been replaced and is working great. The Hot Tub leak will be tested in September.


New tables and umbrellas have been set up in the pool area.


Board Resolution

*Bill made a motion to make Steve our Registered Agent of the Corporation. Jo seconded. Motion carries

June 3, 2021

Aransas Harbors Condominium Council of Co-Owners, Inc.

c/o Life in Paradise

230 S Cut Off Rd.

Port Aransas, TX 78373


RE: 2021-2022 Insurance Policies


Dear Association and Unit Owner:


Thank you for allowing Carlisle Insurance Agency, Inc. an opportunity to serve you. The following is a brief description of approved coverage by the Board for Property Insurance under the Association policies for the policy terms of 05/01/2021– 05/01/2022. For an outline of all other policies, please refer to the Summary of Insurance that will follow separately.


Property & Windstorm/Hail – This policy provides coverage to the Association Scheduled Property for All Perils including Fire, Lightning, Smoke, Theft, Vandalism & Malicious Mischief, Wind, Hail, excluding Flood & Earthquake. Coverage is written to meet 100% Replacement Cost values for all buildings, subject to a policy deductible of $25,000.00 for All Other Perils, $25,000.00 for All Other Wind And Hail, and 2%for Named Storm and Wind-Driven Rain. Coinsurance is waived.


The insurance amount on each building is based on Replacement Cost Estimator with Values to include Foundations, Exterior Walls, Structural Flooring, Roof Material, Interior Floor Finish, Ceiling Finish, Partitions, and Mechanicals including Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, and Built-Ins.


We do not cover - personal property (furniture, clothing, dishes, etc.) in the care, custody, or control, or personal property owned by a unit owner.


Wind Deductible Buy Down – This policy provides Named Storm Deductible Buy-down coverage for Buildings A -K. The Total Insurable Value is $235,210.00, and is subject to a policy deductible of $5,000.00, per occurrence for Named Storm.


Flood – The Condominium Buildings are insured under a Residential Condominium Building Association Flood policy form. The Office & Clubhouse building is insured under a General Property form.


These policies are subject to a deductible of $1,250.00 for each Building.


This policy ensures rising water and water surge.


The following items are insured within the units within the Building (under the RCBAP form); installed:

1) Built–in dishwashers;

2) Built-in microwave ovens;

3) Garbage disposal units;

4) Hot water heaters, including solar water heaters;

5) Kitchen cabinets;

6) Plumbing fixtures;

7) Radiators;

8) Ranges;

9) Refrigerators; and

10) Stoves


This policy does not cover personal property owned by the Unit Owner.

It is highly recommended that each individual unit owner should maintain insurance on their personal property and for personal liability protection. In addition, each unit owner should purchase “Loss Assessment” coverage to insure against an Association special assessment for a large deductible or uncovered claim on the master policy.


If you own a Rental Unit, Loss of Rent may be available depending on the insurance carrier. Please get with your agent for an explanation of your policy forms and coverages.


This information is meant only as a current guideline for unit owners and is not inclusive of all coverages that should be purchased by the unit owner.


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. For proof of insurance for mortgage companies, Brandy Mattox, is your customer service representative.


In case of a loss, contact Andrea Garcia, in our claims department at 361-884-2775. Keep in mind that Carlisle Insurance Agency, Inc. handles a full line of property, casualty, life, and health insurance for both individuals and businesses.


Thank you again for your business.



Olga Garcia, Broker

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